History could repeat itself with food crisis

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I fully agree with those Ribble Valley residents who called the decision to build more than 500 news homes in Barrow a “tragedy”. It’s also misguided and dangerous.

Less than 22 years after the end of the First World War, the “war to end all wars”, our population was called upon to “double the yield of soil and no submarine or magnetic mine or aeroplane can get at it.” Two months later, 1,900,000 extra acres of land was brought into food production. And by heck, wasn’t that food needed!

Our supply shipping losses to U-boats during November 1941 alone was 61,700 tons, the lowest recorded for any one month since May 1940. Even though many workers had been bombed out of their homes, government priority was for food production, not new houses. Why?

Without any mandate from the people, all this building on valuable farmland, while our population is rapidly rising, is alarming. After 13 years of Labour madness we then get years of Labour Mk2 lunacy. Where are the likes of Churchill when you need them?

Britain’s food security was a deep and dangerous problem in both world wars. It could happen again. History does, sometimes, repeat itself.

Bert Hardwick

Station Road, Whalley