Housing developers over-promise and under-deliver

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It was interesting to read that planning approval has been granted for 1,040 homes in Clitheroe and even more interesting to read your key points synopsis, detailing the services and facilities that would accompany the housing units.

As a resident of Brockhall Village since 1999, when similar facilities were either discussed, mooted or promised, I should just like to itemise several of the things we still do not enjoy here:

1. we have no access, via roundabout, to the A59 and left turn only at the entrance of one of the two feeder roads.

2. we have no feeder road to the A59 wide enough to facilitate central road markings, along its length, according to the Highways Department.

3. we have no primary school.

4. we have no doctor’s surgery.

5. we have no shop.

6. we have no community centre

7. we have no village green and duck pond, sorry do I mean open spaces?

Obviously, I do not blame developers for submitting planning amendments or changing their minds, to maximise their profits; one might as well blame a dog for barking! However, I do object strongly to this over-promising and under-delivery of services and facilities during planning applications and the apparent lack of sanctions to ensure promises are met. It seems to the interested spectator that the developers run rings round the planning office, planning committee and local councillors.

It would only take one site, where the developer was instructed to flatten the houses, repurchase properties with a penalty premium, restore the flora to its former glory and then sling their hook, for this problem to be sorted out once and for all.

Of course the council would then be turning its back on a massive Council Tax income increase, but I am confident that is a secondary issue.

Sean Gallagher,

Brockhall Village