I don’t want a travellers’ site in Burnley

Travellers who have set up camp on land on Harold Avenue.
Travellers who have set up camp on land on Harold Avenue.

In light of some very “misleading” letters that have been circulating around town, I believe it is important I clarify my position in relation to the proposals for a travellers’ site in the borough of Burnley.

It is quite simple, I do not want one anywhere. The fact is the Government has insisted Burnley Council makes land available for a travellers’ camp, hence the consultation process that is in progress. I don’t think there is anyone at Burnley Council who wants such a site, but I certainly don’t.

Readers will judge for themselves why it might suit Gordon Birtwistle to suggest otherwise. Gordon is the only person in Burnley who has the power to influence this process. So if he really was serious about helping his worried

constituents he would be challenging the Government on this issue. His friend and colleague Eric Pickles MP is Secretary of State for Local Government and, as such, has the power to put an end to this ridiculous business.

Of course, Gordon is more interested in playing politics as we move ever closer to a General Election, than genuinely serving the people he was elected to represent.

Julie Cooper

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Burnley