Is Mr Pendle taking the coward’s way out

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There was a time when I used to listen to some of what your columnist Mr Pendle had to say about things.

But not any more.

He recently came up with one of his attacks on anyone who has actually got a grasp on life in the 21st Century and uses social media as part of daily life.

OK, I understand not everyone wants to get involved and I fully understand his criticisms of people who use social media for nefarious reasons.

He wrote: “Now as someone who does not use social media, Mr Pendle has no idea ... if someone out there has posted threats against him.

“But he would hope that rather than take the coward’s way out, they might respond to him in our letters column alongside and let the public decide who is right and who is wrong.”

So, here I am, responding to him in the letters column, if only to point out that using a name like Mr Pendle rather than his actual name is actually taking the coward’s way out in itself.

No doubt now he is attacking our national sport.

He seems to hate football for no apparent reason, perhaps he was useless at it at school, and whines on and on about rugby league, a sport that no one in Pendle gives more than a passing thought to.

Banging on about rugby league is hardly a Pendle topic!

Billy Williams

Manchester Road,