LANESHAW BRIDGE: Show your support for a new primary school

I WRITE in response to recent letters in your paper regarding the redevelopment of Laneshaw Bridge Primary School. As a former pupil of this school under the current headteacher and resident of the village, I am wholeheartedly in support of the scheme.

Firstly, I would like to respond to your letter from Martin Hodgson who felt the need to question how the banner had been paid for. Although I feel we shouldn’t have to defend how we spend our own money, the banner has been wholly paid for and organised by private individuals in support of the scheme, and I have the invoice.

I would also like to make another thing clear. The money for this school is ringfenced. If it is not used at Laneshaw Bridge it would not be passed to another school in Pendle. It would be lost back to central Government, and so I see this as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Those arguing for a “village school for village children” and against people travelling from outside the area I see as completely irrelevant. When I attended the school 11 years ago, there were pupils from outside the village. My grandfather attended the school, did not live in the village and travelled in daily, as did my great grandfather. The fact is that if this school had not been supported by those travelling into the village, we would have lost an “outstanding” school many years ago and village children would instead have been travelling elsewhere.

As is usual with this type of development, those opposed come out in force, and those in favour tend to sit back and presume it will happen.

To those people I say we need you now. Support for the scheme is growing by the day, but please do your bit to say yes to education success!


Keighley Road,

Laneshaw Bridge