Law-breakers thought better of than honest people

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I have got to start by saying, yes, I’m not the sharpest chisel in the box but I was taught right from wrong and how to respect others.

And after suffering from ASB for many years now, I have to ask just how many times do people like myself have to put out cries for help, only to be let down time and time again by the authorities?

What they do is just pass the book to each other. You ring them up and one will say it is not a police matter, you should talk to one of the other agencies and the others say the same.

The point of my letter today is to put across my view on this. It looks to me that the lawbreakers and benefit cheats are better thought of than the good, honest, home-owning, law-abiding people as myself. Or maybe the authorities are afraid to take action for some reason? I just don’t know. It makes you wonder when will it ever end.

I’m now on 10 different sorts of medicine a day because of my health and now the doctor has put me on anti-depressants because of all this. After being threatened and verbally abused over the years by the same people, I am now thinking on the lines it would probably end the same way that we have seen with other ASB on our televisions in the past, with myself at the receiving end of it.

So yes, I can say this from experience that the MAP’s team, in some cases, does not work and therefore in my opinion is not worth the taxpayer’s money.

Bring back our old-fashioned policing.

A very frightened resident