LETTER: A trader’s view of Nelson town centre

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Your letters page generally has its fair share of comments and opinions regarding Nelson town centre and in particular the latest regeneration projects, centre makeover, Shuttle sculpture or how things were 20. 30 or 40 years ago. Most, if not all writers, are less than complimentary.

Maybe your readers would like to hear from someone who actually works and trades in the town centre. I thought it would be useful to first canvas the views of our trading neighbours here in Manchester Road. Our “patch” from Going Dutch to Hayhursts is a mix of long established businesses - 23 years for us, and Boyce’s have been around for 114 years!

We all agree the town has changed significantly and, like hundreds of towns up and down the country, we are not immune to the massive influence of shopping outlets, the internet or supermarkets and Pendle has more than its fair share.

However, we are all here to serve the people of Nelson, Pendle, Burnley and beyond - our first customer on Saturday was in Las Vegas via our website! From that, your readers will glean we have all adapted and offer services still needed and supported by the town and beyond. We are all in general agreement the new centre will look and feel excellent when complete and the Shuttle, although not to everyone’s taste, is a symbolic and contemporary focal point.

We are also in agreement that we cannot turn the clock back 50 years. Our “patch” remains vibrant, well kept and welcoming. The banks, solicitors and offices in the area are busy throughout the week and add to the mix of people using the town centre. Collectively, we would invite customers past and present to give us a visit in person or online, perhaps sit awhile in the new garden area adjacent to our business and take in the view of the Shuttle and our shops.

I do have one suggestion for the powers that be - how about converting the blanked out windows of Wilkinsons into a pictorial montage and potted history of Nelson and its beautiful surrounding countryside? Perhaps then residents and visitors alike would have a better understanding of our area, history and the Shuttle in particular.


Going Dutch florist