LETTER: All England’s decent people live in Colne

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I WROTE to you last summer extolling the virtues of Colne, having moved here from London three years ago.

I was particularly enamoured by the friendly welcome I was given as a newcomer. I wanted to share a couple of other things with you that have happened since I last wrote in.

Last year, I slipped on ice, hitting my head badly on the ground. Two gentlemen stopped their car, helped me up and waited with me until my husband came to pick me up. Had that happened in London, I would probably have been mugged by the first passer-by.

Last week, I accidentally left my front door keys in the lock with my house unlocked. Someone kindly took them out, opened my front door and put the keys inside the house, closing the front door. The same thing in London would have almost certainly left me burgled (and uninsured). I’m starting to think the majority of England’s decent people have moved to Colne. Thank you to those kind people whose actions have reaffirmed why I moved to this town.

I am proud to be a Colner, albeit an honorary one!!


Derby Street, Colne