LETTER: Are we nearer getting info boards at our bus station?

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SOME weeks ago I submitted a letter suggesting Burnley Council take on the running of the destination matrix boards at Burnley Bus Station rather than relying on Lancashire County Council as the town right now needs all the help it can get as we struggle with the current financial situation.

It seems to me that self help is the only way to go.

Coun. Roger Frost, as the councillor with responsibility for the bus station, responded and I thank him for that. He said in his reply that Burnley Council was, in fact, attempting to reinstate the destination boards along with other councils who have also had their boards turned off. Actually “turned off” is not the correct description as they are still on but simply showing four dots and the time.

As this ridiculous situation continues where we have a state-of-the-art superb bus station which is presently lacking the basic bus information easily read rather than searching each bus stand for printed information which is what a stranger would have to do.

I wonder if this stupid situation would be allowed to happen in London as we approach the Olympics where it seems to be no problem spending billions on public transport.

Would Coun. Frost please update us on where we are at right now with getting these boards doing what they were installed for?