LETTER: Ask for help in stopping Ightenhill dog fouling

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I WAS a Labour borough councillor for Whittlefield and Ightenhill from 1994 to 1998. I recall a newsletter I did.

“Is Wellfield Drive the dirtiest drive in Ightenhill?” There was a picture of a cute little dog with the words: ‘What can we do to help, to stop the mess. Do you need more bins? Please let us know.” I am sorry to say to ‘Charlie’, that things do not seem to have improved. His letter in the Express on Friday, February 24th asks people to stop letting their dogs ‘poo’ outside his school. It is disgusting! Owners coming out at night, not feeling the need to clear up after their dogs.

Well, Charlie, ask your councillors for help. There are three. Two Conservatives and one Liberal Democrat. You can find their names on the Burnley borough website or ring the bouncil on 01282 425001.

Good luck Charlie, I hope things improve.