LETTER: Barley eco disaster threat - Pendle Council should use laws

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BARLEY is on the verge of an “ecological disaster”, according to a top local ecologist.

Fear is growing the village may bear the brunt of a major landslide which Dr Ron Freethy has declared is a “timebomb waiting to happen”.

Pendle Council has since been at the site to determine what is to be done.

The council’s drainage manager, Peter Sellers, visited Barley to look into the issue, and said: “The trees are on private land and the landowners are responsible for the river and river bank”.

I noticed the drainage manager for Pendle Council did not say that, in an emergancy, there are laws he can evoke to do the work and charge the land owner/home owner for the work needed if the land owner or home owner does not do the work in so many days, as stated on the order.

We used to do this in the 1960s and 70s when I was a drainer and later a foreman drainlayer/sewerman.


Percy Street, Nelson