LETTER: Beware of computer scams

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I WOULD like to appeal through your letters page to all readers and hopefully make them aware of various telephone and e-mail “scams” that appear to be on the increase.

I run a local computer business and have started to see a rise in the number of my customers being contacted over the phone or by e-mail by companies claiming to be from “Windows” or “Microsoft” and telling people their computer is at risk from, or infected with malicious software (virus’s, Spyware etc...).

In some cases, customers have been contacted by a company, again claiming to be from Microsoft, within hours of their computer becoming “infected”, which sounds like excellent service, but when the charges can be in excess of £150 and the company won’t give out any contact details, I can’t help speculating the company deployed the malicious software in the first place.

Please be aware Microsoft and companies affiliated with them will NOT contact you unless you have previously authorised them too. If anyone does contact you regarding your PC or laptop, ensure you get as many details about them as possible.

If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to contact me at levelcomputing@live.co.uk, or on 01200 442026.


Level Computing Ltd,

Waterloo Road,