LETTER: Border Agency still not doing its job

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Our asylum and immigration system has been in chaos for many years and is now in such a mess that the UK Borders Agency has been branded “still not fit for purpose” by the Home Affairs Committee.

Since 2006, when a backlog of 450,000 cases was discovered, just 9% have be removed, while one in six – 74,500 – have simply vanished, and it is thought 181,000 have overstayed their visas in the past four years.

While the Coalition are telling us improvements are being made they are also saying it will take the full term of this Parliament before the system is fixed, which I think most people will find both astonishing and unacceptable.

What our politicians have failed to mention is that while we remain in the European Union we cannot control immigration at all. Anyone from the other 26 member states is entitled to entry to the UK, and that includes anyone from countries outside the EU who find themselves in an EU country.

The current immigration mess is putting a strain upon our infrastructure and resources, including jobs. It is high time we had complete control over who we allow into our country without the usual blame, excuses and interference from the European Union


North West Chairman,

UK Independence Party