LETTER: Burnley have no right to be in the Premier League!

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I AM more than sure that Burnley Football Club would benefit from a sizeable cash injection as your article suggests (December 28th).

But can you kindly tell me why Mr Sullivan has any grounds (or any other fan of any other club) to declare that the Premiership is “where we belong”.

I would like to ask why does he feel they belong there? On what grounds? Why wouldn’t a Grimsby Town eg have just as much a claim or what about Rishton Ankle Tappers for that matter? What is it about Burnley that sets it apart from any other club?

I trust BFC do make it back to the promised land ... but one needs to be aware that there is inbuilt bias that everyday ordinary people see through, written by journalists that, when questioned, often are not answered publicly.

I trust mine won’t be ignored either.