LETTER: Can you help fund trip to Lourdes?

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I AM appealing on behalf of young people who help the sick and who could do with a bit of support themselves.

The St Gregory’s Deanery Lourdes Group is a group of young people from this area who take the sick and elderly to Lourdes, with the Salford Diocese.

Lourdes is a place of holy pilgrimage in the South of France. Some people go there with the hope of finding healing from sickness and disease, but for many of the sick and elderly, the time they spend there is an opportunity to spend time in the company of others, go to religious ceremonies and enjoy a week away from home.

The pilgrimage relies on young volunteers who provide personal care such as helping with washing, dressing and feeding, pushing wheelchairs to services, taking the elderly around the local shops and cleaning the ward area of the hospital that we use for the week.The volunteers have to pay their own way for the trip, but because most of them are students, many simply cannot afford the £500 and £600 it costs.

As a way of helping out the St Gregory’s group is hosting a race night at the 110 Club in Burnley on March 19th, and we are looking for local businesses to sponsor the races.

We are asking for a minimum £20 per race, and the sponsoring businesses will be advertised in the programme distributed on the evening. There will be a prize for the winner of every race and we will also have a raffle. Profits from the evening will be split between the St Gregory’s Deanery group and one of our members who is also running the London marathon in aid of the Spinal Injuries Association.

If you could help in any way, either by sponsoring a race or donating a small prize, we would be extremely grateful as this is a cause that we feel very passionate about and we want it to be successful. I can be contacted at the address below or by email at nicola_holmes@hotmail.co.uk