LETTER: Chief Executive is worth evry penny

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IN Tuesday’s Express there was a statement on Steve Rumbelow’s pay that it represented nine times the lowest salary at the council.

Mr Rumbelow’s position as Chief Executive does not really allow him to respond but I think someone should.

I have met Steve Rumbelow on several occasions now and believe he has made a real difference to Burnley Council. It has gone from “the people’s republic of Burnley” to an organisation that is starting to represent something that actually has acknowledged it has a role and a responsibility in the future prosperity of our town.

There are many people in both the private and public sector working their socks off to improve the image and prospects for Burnley and there is a growing confidence that together we are collectively making a difference.

Steve Rumbelow is responsible for one of the largest organisations and employers in Burnley and he is in my opinion worth every penny. Burnley would be very substantially worse off without him.

Andrew Brown

Managing Director