LETTER: Civil servants held to ransom over strikes

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I WAS just speculating about the public sector strikes.

It just shows the 10 bob fat cats all up that the average turnout in all the strike ballots has only been around 33%, and even if three to one did back strike action, its hardly a sound mandate. I suspect the government will make political mincemeat of the unions, and take an ample opportunity to introduce legislation to ban strikes if less than 50% of the membership actually turn out to vote.

It would appear that perhaps only 20% of public servants are now in a position where they can afford to lose a day’s pay, with the rest effectively slaves to the banks and their overdraft limit. Taking this into consideration it may be reasonable to believe that widespread corruption is occurring in the civil service in that the banks may now effectively control many people making front line policy decisions.

Banks may now be able to effectively control functions like planning etc. to be made in the interest of corporate finance, overriding any theoretical political policy and any democratic representations from members of the public?


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