LETTER: Closure of Colne recycling centre was ‘a done deal’

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I AM not denying County Coun. Keith Bailey works hard on behalf of his constituents, but I must take issue with him over his claim in the “West Craven Matters” news sheet that he and his colleagues saved Barnoldswick Household Recycling Centre from closure.

As one of the many who fought to save the Colne HRC from the axe, I was never even remotely aware it was an “us or them” situation.

It is possible I suppose that their battle was initially won in the corridors of power in County Hall, but their argument that they would be too far from a recycling centre if Barnoldswick closed is rather interesting and I can only wonder why our county councillors did not use the same tactic but in reverse.

After all, if Barnoldswick is too far from Colne, then surely, Colne is too far from Barnoldswick! No, whatever claims Keith makes, I am sure the closure of Colne HRC was a done deal long before the news became public.