LETTER: Colne’s human sundial is a waste of time

I WAS disgusted to read about the ‘Human sundial’ plan for Colne town centre in this week’s Colne Times.

During a period of painful cuts to vital services due to Labour bankrupting our country, certain Liberal councillors are now wasting money on useless and egotistical facelifts of our town centre which do nothing to boost the local economy. The space outside Colne library needs a pressure wash, a lick of paint and a gardener. It does not need councillors wasting our hard-earned tax money on pet-projects!

What Colne centre definitely does need is a better range of shops (other than takeaways and pubs), more free parking and lower business rates to encourage news shops to start-up in the centre.

There are plenty of other ways the council could also get out of the way of business, and I’d be happy to school the local council in economics anytime.


Lecturer of Economics