LETTER: Community cash was on its way

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May I update readers of the facts on comments from two writers from your letters’ page and add my concerns on another.

Writer M. Mobey mentions the councillors of Burnley Wood are starving the community group of ward opportunities funding when, in fact, both myself and Coun. Kennedy do support it and did, in fact, sign off the funding request in May only for the new Labour councillor for the ward, Coun. Campbell, to decline it.

Writer Barry Joyce in his letter also mentions Coun. Campbell’s refusal to support the community group in Burnley Wood with funding, but he misses out the fact that Coun. Campbell also refuses to support the Rosehill (where he lives) residents’ group with financial funding from the ward opportunities funds as well.

Again the Rosehill request was supported and signed off by myself and Coun. Kennedy in May, without this financial support these much-needed groups could be lost, never to return.

With regards to the letter from ex-Labour councillor Peter Kenyon, he needs to concentrate on things nearer to home before he has a go at any person/s or groups from other areas of town.

He himself owns unsightly boarded-up shops in Burnley Wood which are blighting the area. He’s been in possession of these boarded-up shops and just sat on them since 2004, just before the regeneration started in Burnley Wood. This issue has been reported and commented on previously in your paper’s letters page and people’s opinions and perceptions are that he needs to show some commitment to his own area and sort out his own properties before getting involved with other people’s problems from other areas of the borough.

No doubt Mr Kenyon will write back having a go at me and trying to defend his actions, but sorry Mr Kenyon it just doesn’t wash with the residents from Burnley Wood.