LETTER: Confusion over MS collection

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A NUMBER of Clitheroe Folk have been asking why we have changed the colour of our collecting boxes from orange to blue.

The answer is that we haven’t. The National Ms Society of Great Britain has always used orange as its colour for advertising / fund-raising materials.

The blue collecting boxes seen at Tesco this last weekend belong to the Ms Therapy Centre of Trafford, Manchester, and have no connection whatsoever to the Ms Society. Like us, they are a charity and have the right to appeal for funds anywhere to run their centre.

Unfortunately they have been given the weekend before our Local Branch Yearly Collection at Tesco and we have therefore cancelled our collection there on Friday this week as we do not think it is fair on the good people of Clitheroe that they should be asked to support Ms twice in one week.

We are sorry for this confusion as our local members will now miss out in this the 60th Anniversary of the National Ms Society.



Clitheroe and Ribble

Valley East Branch,

Multiple Sclerosis Society