LETTER: Councillors should be prepared to go that extra mile

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I AM writing in relation to Coun. Jeff Sumner’s letter (March 12th) and also a letter in reply (March 15th), regarding volunteers and community centres.

I am in agreement with the second letter and fully support the suggestion Coun. Jeff Sumner use his allownce and put it into improvements and developments in Burnley. It appears Coun. Sumner is a representative for all wards in the Burnley area. In my ward, Lower Bank Hall, the councillors’ names on the voting cards do not resemble the councillor who visits the Lower Bank Hall ward. Many residents in the area are confused who their actual councillor is. I still don’t understand how a councillor from another ward can get involved in other wards where they have their own councillors.

If councillors have a keen interest in the Burnley area then why should this not be done on a voluntary basis? Therefore we all should be putting something back into our local communities. We will then see which councillors are dedicated and passionate about their work and do it on a voluntary basis.

We have a lot of dedicated volunteers who give up their valuable time and make a difference to people. These volunteers do their voluntary work day in, day out and receive no thanks. I am sure all councillors will hopefully support me on this. Let councillors do something voluntarily for our town. If one councillor can go that extra mile to visit residents that aren’t in their ward, even at evenings and weekends, why can’t all of them?