LETTER: Councillors were not ‘talking Nelson down’, just being honest

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NO ONE surely could conceivably accuse Pendle councillors Tony Beckett and Linda Crossley of being anything but 100% pro-Nelson.

That’s why their views, expressed at a recent meeting, are a shade worrying.

The meeting was to decide whether Earby and Brierfield should get a few quid from the £100,000 Mary Portas High Street Innovation Fund.

Said “Town Crier” Coun. Beckett: “The number of empty shops in Nelson seems to be growing, not getting smaller. Nelson has been neglected long enough. Nelson needs the money because it could be terminal.”

Coun. Crossley added: “I have seen Nelson over the years gradually degenerate. I think that’s a great tragedy.”

Had such comments been expressed by any of this newspaper’s correspondents they would have evoked immediate wrath from the council’s regeneration chief Brian Cookson for “talking the town down”.

The two councillors’ comments were honest and reflected grave and genuine concern.

My comments in a recent letter about Scotland Road left Mr Cookson “bemused”.

Just for the record, I have never used the words “flawed” or “slideshow” in relation to that particular part of the town centre complex.

Mr Cookson invited me to meet his sidekick, Town Centre officer Hanna Latty. Invitation declined with thanks as a gimmick which could not serve any useful purpose.


Beaufort Street, Nelson.