LETTER: Crackdown on dog fouling and fly-tipping at Hodge House

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I AM writing in response to the letter concerning Hodge House playing fields from “Concerned Parent” (Letters, February 25th).

We are dealing with the problem of fly tipping and dog fouling which is affecting people’s quality of life. We’ve visited Hodge House with our colleagues from parks to agree the best way to sort things out.

This week we’re writing to residents at the 90 homes which surround Hodge House playing fields. We’re asking them to let us know if there are any particular times of day when people are letting their dogs foul the playing fields.

With that information, we can choose the best times to patrol the playing fields. We fine people £75 for not clearing up after their dog. People can be fined up to £50,000 and/or be sent to prison for five years for fly-tipping.

It’s vital local residents are our eyes and ears in reporting fly-tipping and dog fouling to help us sort these problems out. We cover the whole of Pendle and can’t be everywhere at once.

If you see anyone letting their dog foul or see someone fly-tipping, call us on 661743. Or you can report it via our website - www.pendle.gov.uk - and click the advert on our home-page which says: “There’s an app for that”.

Through this, any resident can take pictures of the problem, report where it is and send it to us via their iPhone or Windows mobile phone via the national Love Clean Streets website.

For dog fouling, it helps if people can give us a description of the dog and dog walker and what time of day the dog fouling happened. Sometimes it’s a regular time of day, and that helps us co-ordinate our patrols to catch the culprits.

It would help us if people can note down the registration numbers of any vehicles which bring rubbish to fly-tip and a description of the person or people involved. The police work with us in finding out who the offenders are and we do prosecute. Our parks colleagues will be doing their bit, too. They’ll be trimming back the long grass and clearing any bushes in parts of the playing fields where people have dumped rubbish.

This will make it easier for us to clear anything away which has been dumped and will help to deter it happening in future as people won’t be able to hide rubbish in the long grass.

By working together, we can help make Pendle a cleaner, greener, safer place.


Environmental Crime Team,

Pendle Council