LETTER: Deafening silence from the Lib-Dems - locally and nationally

With regard to Derek Mann’s comments in last week’s letters, it seemed obvious to me he is desperately trying to separate national politics from local.

I am not surprised. He quite rightly realises the damage being done to the Liberal Democrats. What he does not comment on is the collusion with the Conservatives by the Lib Dems.

The Government has raised VAT to 20%, is making a massive amount of people redundant, cutting back on public services, implementing increases in tuition fees, scrapping the Education Maintenance Allowance and now is looking at selling off our forests – none of this could be done without the full support of the Liberal Democrats. He says this is beyond local control but we are not hearing any protests from local Lib Dems.

Their deafening silence locally is reflected at national level. No wonder he is worried about the impact on the local Lib Dem vote!


Burnley Road, Colne