LETTER: Education, not transport issues, matter at Laneshaw Bridge

NIMBY opponent?

I HAVE followed, with personal interest, the debate surrounding the new building for Laneshaw Bridge Primary School.

The consultation process needs to be fair and ensure all stakeholders views are heard but it would appear the “No” campaign leadership are using the current “en vogue” tactic of green credentials under the guise of sustainable transport as the basis of their argument.

I would respectfully remind Mr Rawstron this is not a debate over sustainable transport but one of improving and modernising facilities for a highly successful school and 174 children. Given Mr Rawstron’s attempt at manipulating the facts, it is clear he does not always practice what he preaches.

I understand from my own research Mr Rawstron is the Capital Markets director of GVA Grimley in Manchester - a 70 miles plus round trip commute from Laneshaw Bridge each day. In fact I am somewhat confused by Mr Rawstron’s stance on this debate given the following statement is taken directly from GVA Grimley website under the heading core values: “Developing and Investing - we are committed to developing skills, talent and the potential of our people.” On the face of it. this would seem to be a case of “not in my backyard” syndrome.

We should applaud the staff of Laneshaw Bridge, the governors and the children on their success and provide them with our continued support to ensure that they are equipped with better facilities from which to continue providing a fantastic education; the foundation to delivering the next generation of workforce in the Pendle area.


Director of Operations,

Azzurri Communications Ltd,