LETTER: Excellent teaching at Laneshaw Bridge should be available to all

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Regarding the debate on Laneshaw Bridge school, I write to emphasise the high quality of education provided by this school.

My three children, who were brought up in Laneshaw Bridge, were fortunate enough to be taught there. Moving into the village over 25 years ago, it seemed natural to send my children to the village school. At that time, the school was not over-subscribed, so although we were moving into an area of “social housing” this did not prevent my children from being accepted on to the roll.

Laneshaw Bridge school is the school of choice for affluent parents with the means to transport their children. How sad that children from less privileged backgrounds cannot secure their primary education in such a setting.

Instead of spending over £4m. to demolish and rebuild this school to provide education to children of upwardly mobile parents, why not spend the money to help provide this level of teaching to all our local children? Let the excellence, and ethos be spread around the area by the headteacher before she eventually retires, so Pendle is an area where every child receives first class teaching, not just the children of the select few.


Kingsley Road,

Laneshaw Bridge