LETTER: Experiences at Greenfield Reservoir show there is no hope for Pendle

LIKE everyone else, I am enjoying our start of summer weather and every day, come rain or shine, I walk round Greenfield Reservoir at any given time of day and every time, I get more and more wound up to the top of the tree.

Why? I’ll tell you!

Scene one: I got on to the banking to find beer cans and McDonald’s cartons - five of each.

Scene two: Again while walking, I noticed a man and wife walking from the locks with their children, dad with can of beer in one hand, cigarette in the other. Upon finishing the can of beer, he duly pitched it over his shoulder into the field, setting a great example to his kids. (There was a bin 30m further down the towpath).

Scene three: As the lake has now become the local jogging track for the keep fit and healthy-minded, I then saw the final act of “I don’t care - I’m okay”, in front of me. One lady of the aforementioned fraternity, while jogging with her dalmatian and two smaller types of dog, just ignored the fact her big dalmatian had left a huge pile of faeces on the path and turned a blind eye to it. So while improving her health, she puts others’ health to the back of her mind. How selfish!

So that’s it! All in a total of a few days. There really is no hope for Pendle. Shame on them. It’s always the few.

ANON (Name and address supplied)