LETTER: Fight to free Libya was worthwhile

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NOW Colonel Gaddafi has gone, Libya is free to develop a democratic society and enjoy all the benefits of a politically stable prosperous nation.

Yes we have “done our bit”. Us Brits have supported the campaign, both on the political stage and in committing resources. There are those who say we should keep out of other countries’ domestic issues. Why spend cash abroad on something that will not benefit us? Well, I’m afraid that is a very short-sighted view. It is in all our interests that the world become more stable, run for the benefits of the people and not for the benefits of the minority.

You just have to look at the faces of the Libyan people to know it was worthwhile.

What next? I say build upon this foundation. This is not about invading and taking over, this is about giving freedom to ordinary people so they can decide for themselves.