LETTER: Flowers are great legacy of Simonstone Garden Club

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It was nice to see the article about the wild flowers in Simonstone.

It is good to say a very special thank you to the former Simonstone Garden Club. On the closing of the club, money was donated for the planting of trees in the parish garden at the corner of school lane, also the land across from The Stork Hotel, then finally the wild flowers on Simonstone Lane, at the junction with Blackburn Road.

So I think former members of Simonstone Garden Club should be very pleased and proud at what they have donated and given to Simonstone. Also in 2000, for the Millennium, the club donated a rowan tree which is in the Simonstone School grounds, so well done and I hope Simonstone Garden Club will always be remembered.


former secretary,

Simonstone Garden Club