LETTER: Food waste is attracting rats to park

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I write in response to the letter last week from Allison Stirzaker, of Barrowford, about rubbish left in Victoria Park.

I want to reassure her and other readerse we are aware of issues with litter and rats in this area. Clearly it’s a concern for us and residents living around the park. Sadly, there is some evidence of deliberate and irresponsible dumping of food waste.

We have put up signs at the entrances to the park asking all visitors not to feed the ducks and not dump rubbish in the park. There is no need to feed the ducks; there is sufficient, naturally-occurring food for them within the lake and surrounding park. Anyone with any information about people dumping rubbish in the park can contact us (661743). Alternatively, they can fill in a form on: www.pendle.gov.uk/forms.

Philip Mousdale

Deputy Chief Executive