LETTER: Fussy cats are no April Fools!

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My dad used to say the Colman family fortune came not from the mustard people ate, but what they left on the side of the plate.

Having recently been adopted by a cat, I suppose the same could be said about those who make cat food. When a cat first arrives it will eat whatever you put in front of it, however, once its paws are firmly under the table as it were, it becomes very fussy. Walk down the pet food aisle of any supermarket and you will know exactly what I mean. Dog owners scoot briskly through, their trolleys laden with the same brand and type of food they have purchased in the past; now watch, or better still, eavesdrop on those who have a cat! You will hear “I’m at my wits end. He/she really loved that flavour when I first got it but now, well, he/she would starve rather than eat it.” “Mine will only eat those with fish in.” “Oh really, mine loves fish, but he won’t touch anything with chicken in.” “It’s no use getting that brand, even though it is on special offer; my Tibbles just turns his nose up at it before I’ve even opened it. I must have at least three boxes of the stuff in my cupboard!”

Now being subjected to feline fickleness myself, I have come up with an idea. Using the internet, I have decided to start a cat food swop service. It will work like this. If someone’s cat prefers only meaty flavoured ones but dislikes those with fish, I will, for a small fee, link them up with an owner whose cat likes fish but looks upon meaty ones with disdain. Simple. I am going to call the website Cat-a List, and am hoping it will open on April first!