LETTER: ‘Garden grabbing’ will spoil our area

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I’m writing to put on record my disappointment that once again Sunderland Peacock & Associates is proposing to destroy one of Clitheroe’s finest urban gardens with their planned development of three ultra modern terraced homes at Hazelmere in Pimlico Road.

Hazelmere lies within Clitheroe’s Conservation area and is a property of townscape merit which doesn’t deserve to lose its magnificent garden to a development which is totally out of character with the rest of the neighbourhood.

While SPA must be congratulated on the expense they’ve gone to to commission various reports to convince planners and local residents that these new homes are a good thing, it doesn’t take away the fact this is a prime example of “garden grabbing” – a practice which the Government is keen to stop, and has handed local councils the authority to stamp out if there’s enough support from local people.

If passed by Ribble Valley Borough Council it will not only lead to the loss of significant urban green space, trees, shrubs and wildlife habitat, but will add to the already problematic parking situation affecting Pimlico Road, Alley’s Green, Causeway Croft and Spring Meadow and increase congestion at the roundabout and compromise pedestrian safety (especially at school times) with cars accessing the new development.

If SPA has no use for the garden, why not donate it to the community and let volunteers manage it? Sadly I’m minded to think they would rather have a hefty profit in their back pockets.

I, along with other concerned neighbours just hope enough residents voice their concern against these proposed new homes, and that the planning committee see sense and don’t give up the chance to help preserve one of Clitheroe town centre’s finest homes and gardens for future generations.


Pimlico Road,