LETTER: Getting people into work - these are the correct figures

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We would like to point out a serious inaccuracy in the letter ‘When NHS is in a mess, people die’ regarding the performance of welfare-to-work firm A4e.

The letter, from Frank Neal, of Barnoldswick, stated former A4e Chairman “Emma Harrison ... only succeeded in placing 9% of customers into work”.

This figure was raised at a hearing of the Public Accounts Committee on February 8th and A4e quickly established – both at the hearing and in a statement the following day – that it referred to the performance of another Pathways to Work contractor, not A4e.

The facts are that, across the industry, providers underperformed against the challenging target set for getting those on this programme into work.

A4e secured jobs for 24.2% of those on the programme over its lifetime; exceeding the industry average of 23%.