LETTER: Good to see MP meeting people in homes protest

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It was great to see our MP and a local councillor taking time out to meet a group of concerned residents regarding the proposed 1,040 house development at Standen Estate.

Clitheroe Residents Action Group (CRAG) has, for some time, been encouraging “those in the know” to meet the public to explain current planning information. So it is especially pleasing to see our constant lobbying for more information is paying dividends.

However, it’s not known what Nigel Evans and Coun. Brown took away from the event. I’m sure they did not promise to stop the 1,040 houses being built.

It will seem extremely odd if RVBC turn this application down after highlighting the Standen area in their Core Strategy as the place they want to build the most houses. But any avenue that halts this crazy application is worth pursuing.

I am sure numerous Clitheroe residents would have welcomed an apology from the local Conservative Party in last week’s report. After all 2,100 people objected to Standen Estate being selected as the preferred option in the Core Strategy, but RVBC ignored them. One other disappointment for CRAG is that other residents of the town have expressed a desire to inform our MP of their views on the Standen project and housing issues in general. Unfortunately they were not afforded the same chance as the handful of people he did meet.

Perhaps next time some information will be made available prior to an organised walkabout and a bigger crowd will turn out.

But let’s look on the positive side. After RVBC forced the cancellation of the Civic Society’s “Question Time”, at least our MP is out and about meeting his constituents and that is something CRAG applauds.

We must now hope this event provides a positive outcome. One that convinces our council not to proceed with their plans to destroy prime agricultural land. After all the Core Strategy has been returned to RVBC for updating and scrapping this scheme would be a good place to start!


CRAG Chairman