LETTER: Honour memory of Dudley by caring for others

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I WRITE as a close friend and colleague of Dudley Pickles, who was the subject of your tribute on November 18th and the Service of Thanksgiving at Nelson Baptist Church on November 15th.

The ill health mentioned in the tribute was triggered by slipping on ice two winters ago when Dudley fractured his pelvis. With darker nights and another winter closing in, it is timely to remind everyone to take extra care when using the streets and reduce pressure on doctors and hospitals. As a former employee of RoSPA, Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, I feel sure Dudley would have wished to promote that message.

Dudley cared passionately for others and, as stated in the tribute, never lost his interest in people and their welfare. If we all try to help others this winter, especially the elderly, then we will truly honour his memory and example.

FRANK WALMSLEY Ivegrill, Cumbria