LETTER: I’m suffering from charity fatigue

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I’ve noticed recently that The Clitheroe Advertiser seems to be adopting the character of the town itself in that it is becoming dominated by the equivalent of charity shops.

Every other story seems to be about some sort of fund-raising exercise. While these are no doubt all very worthy and provide much enjoyment to the participants, I would suggest they are all pretty much the same story, and not of any great interest other than to the participants and their chums.

To take an example from the March 22nd edition, the two front page stories were both of fund-raising events, on page 5 there are another three stories of such events, the main stories on pages 7, 10 and 11 are on the same topic as well as another two on page 10 and in case we’re not exhausted with all this good work the main story on page 12 is yet another.

By the time I finally arrived at the letters page I felt as though I’d run a marathon for charity myself. It was actually very refreshing to read the usual grumps and grumbles from readers, just to reassure me that not everyone in the Ribble Valley is a saint!

I realise it’s considered bad form to express the tiniest hint of criticism of anything done in the name of charity, which is why I must regretfully seek anonymity for fear of being labelled a Scrooge and killjoy. However, there is such a thing as charity fatigue, and this reader, for one, is beginning to exhibit severe symptoms.

So please, could we have more real news in future?