LETTER: If chief exec was paid on results he should earn less

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I DO not know why Andrew Brown feels it falls upon himself to justify the salary of the council’s Chief Executive Steve Rumbelow in his letter of February 24th.

He says he is worth his fat wage packet on the grounds he has made a “real difference”, and “works his socks off”. I agree with Andrew Brown on both counts. Where we differ is on what ‘the difference’ actually is. Burnley is now the 11th most deprived borough in the country and when he took on the role the town was six places better off. If he was being paid on results his salary should be reducing.

Like Mr Brown, I also have met Mr Rumbelow on numerous occasions and have no doubts as to his work ethic, so the council’s failings must be down to the misguided political leadership Mr Rumbelow has had to follow throughout his six years in his post. Firstly from ‘flash’ Gordon (Birtwistle) and now from a ‘right’ Charlie (Briggs).