LETTER: If you don’t do politics, you don’t do anything

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Re John Cave’s letter of May 21st: he expressed the opinion that “the faces at the top may change, but the overall policy remains the same”.

This certainly appears to be the case. This is due to the fact we’re living within a Capitalist system ie a system that relies on profit and expansion. This system is so ingrained into the culture of the West that the main political parties are practically forced to tailor their policies to suit. Hence, all the parties appear to be the same, or as the late American Communist writer Ernest Mandel put it - “the police (system) remains.” Politics should evolve along with the rest of the world - the Tory party isn’t, in the main, Thatcherite these days and Labour has tended to be a lighter shade of red for years. Centre politics springs to mind!

But, as the saying goes, “if you don’t do politics you don’t do anything.” One point John made that I feel needs correction is his statement that this form of dictatorship incorporates elements of Communism. This is the case within contrived Communism, such as what was witnessed within the former Soviet Union, not according to Karl Marx. I am NOT a paid-up Communist Party member.

Adam Parker