LETTER: In favour of a new school in Laneshaw Bridge

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I WRITE regarding your article “School plan is opposed”, in the Colne Times on January 14th which paints a picture of dissent and hysteria within Laneshaw Bridge. Mark Rawstron has cleverly manipulated figures to make the school look like Laneshaw Bridge’s very own army intent on causing ruin within the village.

The “300 villagers opposed to the proposals” may well be villagers, but it must be questioned which village they actually reside in with the petition having been readily available in Sacred Heart Primary School, Trawden Post Office and as far away as City Electrical Factors in Nelson.

Mr Rawstron refers to 500 vehicle movements a day, making it appear as though half of Colne is descending mob-handed on the village. If you do the sums, that figure is based on every child who travels to the school by car doing so alone, which is most definitely not the case.

I have to question how the school is detrimental to the village. Surely a new school will provide further employment, help to maintain a diverse and youthful population and benefit local house prices?

Coun. Tony Greaves, a familiar face to none in Laneshaw Bridge, ought to visit the school before deciding it is “well designed and can adapt”. If it had to adapt, I can see no other place it could go apart from down towards the recreation ground, which would be a most definite detriment to the village.

This school demonstrated the need for a new building through its excellent academic record which has led to it being consistently oversubscribed. We no longer live in the era of school catchments and village schools. We live in the era of freedom of education and should all stand up and be proud we and our children were lucky enough to benefit from an education there, and that hopefully in the future our grandchildren will too.


Emmott Lane resident