LETTER: Keep up the good work, Bank Hall champion

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AS A resident of Bank Hall, I want to come to the defence of a gentleman who lives in this area, Mr Brian Tomlinson.

I must protest at the way he has been unfairly treated by Burnley Council and other agencies because he has voiced his opinion on the problems that affect this area.

He has brought the issues of anti-social behaviour and dirty backyards to the wider public’s attention, and I know for a fact he has been on the receiving end of anti-social behaviour for a long time.

I would like to tell these people that Brian is a good and caring person, and inspite of his own disabilities he always tries to help others if he can.

The world would be a better place if there were more people like him. It is a shame the political party to which he has allegiance do not want him as a councillor for this area, as he would win an election hands down. The ones we have now are absolutely useless.

Don’t give up Brian, and don’t let them get you down. Keep up the good work if you can. We appreciate it very much. Thank you.