LETTER: Labour Party in denial over economic mess

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WHAT a sad letter from T. Fletcher (December 2nd).

Mr Fletcher and members of the Labour Party are still in denial about who got us into the economic mess we are undoubtedly in.

Mr King may have blamed the banks and policy-makers. Who were these policy-makers? None other than the Messrs Blair and Brown.

Furthermore, who increased spending on the NHS from £60 billion to £100 billion a year with no apparent improvement in health issues? Who similarly increased spending on education, with the result we are now behind countries such as Estonia in levels of achievement?

Who sold lots of our gold reserves for a fraction of their worth?

It may be the case that before the financial crisis there was high unemployment, but at what cost?

The national debt is staggering and appropriate measures have to be taken to address this.

The constant sniping at Gordon Birtwistle by Mr Fletcher and other Labour supporters is boring and tiresome. You were soundly beaten at the election – get used to it.

I personally would never ever vote for anyone liberal but, from where I am standing, Mr Birtwistle has done more for Burnley in his short tenure than the previous two MPs did together.