LETTER: Labour Private Finance Initiative has cost us £60 billion

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SOMETIMES we don’t always value what’s before our eyes. In this case I am referring to your newspaper. In its pages you can find all sorts of stories, points of view, issues that can and do affect us from time to time, rows about schools, planning applications, my friend Mr Pendle’s two pennyworth designed to provoke thought, and sometimes action.

Then on occasion, a dinosaur pops up to give some out-of-date waffle, and in this case it’s my old friend the Class Warrior, our left leaning, big Socialist chip-on-shoulder, hard-done-to Tony Fort.

Now Tony once told us he was a teacher, and while that thought does tend to worry me a little, I assume by his letters he must be a drama teacher.

We know from his previous letters regarding Government finance he certainly isn’t a maths teacher, as his understanding of how big government money works isn’t a strong point, as seen once again last week.

Readers may recall some time ago I did promise Tony I would come back and tell him the true cost of the Labour Government PFI scheme - that’s the one where Ed Balls and Gordon Brown told everybody how they were building all these schools and hospitals, but forgot to mention the true cost or that it was private money doing the work.

Well, it turns out those schools and hospitals cost £60 billion approximately and for that £60 billion we would have had a good deal. However, it turns out, of course, not a good deal - we have to pay over the next 30 years about £260 billion. If you want to know why in these buildings it can and does cost several hundred pounds just to get a light bulb changed, it’s because Ed and Gordon signed a contract to say they could charge that money. I understand the nasty Chancellor George Osborne is trying to have another discussion about that to try and reduce this nonsensical amount of money.

As Tony doesn’t seem to understand all this, I will ignore his weeping and wailing about schools being done up. He is like all socialists.

He doesn’t understand we’re broke, he doesn’t understand his team were largely responsible for us being broke. He is a typical Socialist - OK, spending other people’s money and totally bereft of any other formula once they have run out.

Tony, your pathetic continued attacks on Andrew Stephenson are getting silly. While I don’t need to defend Andrew, and he and I disagree on what I think are a couple of vital issues, to suggest he should abandon supporting the Government and vote independently on things you want is just getting daft. That’s not how it works. In Government you have to collectively stick together or nothing gets done.


Kibble Grove, Brierfield