LETTER: Lancashire County Counil should follow its own winter advice

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I HAVE enjoyed reading the council’s electronic sign on the way into town near Westgate, asking motorists “are you prepared for winter”.

Well in the last week we have had two snow falls and icy conditions. Seeing as though the council is so worried about motorists in winter I thought it may have gritted roads. None of the two major Gannow Top roundabouts and their surrounding roads were gritted. The snow and conditions were forecast so there’s no excuse there. On the back of two bad winters when councils all over the country ran out of grit, and councils this year have supposedly ordered extra. I find the lack of this basic service disgusting. Maybe if they didn’t waste money on unnecessary electronic signs they could afford to get the roads gritted. If they want to help motorists maybe they could give some useful advice on their sign such as remembering to indicate when using roundabouts, or put some arrow markings on the three-lane guess your lane roundabout on active way.

Angry Motorists