LETTER: Laneshaw Bridge as ‘Beacon School’ is a myth

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The recent myriad of letters regarding the proposed controversial new school in our local village, Laneshaw Bridge, has prompted me to write.

Sadly, it is not the first time in recent years the school has courted controversy and having had children at the school eight out of the past 10 years, has enabled me to make several analytical observations.

For transport reasons, our eldest child moved from another local school to the village school only to find she was 12 months in advance of her equivalent year group at Laneshaw Bridge, dispelling the myth this was a “Beacon School” (so called outstanding!) This was disappointment number one.

Then in 2008, I was staggered to learn there were 163 pupils on the roll, when the school had a capacity for 140 pupils. Why did the headteacher fail to inform parents at the school of such a large increase in pupil numbers? Surely they had a right to such information, to make any judgments on important issues, such as health, safety and welfare implications for their children?


Knarrland Farm,

Laneshaw Bridge