LETTER: Laneshaw Bridge Primary School travel plan - the facts

I WOULD like to join the debate on the proposed new school for Laneshaw Bridge, and have researched references to it. I found these quotes in the school’s own travel plan, dating from 2006:

“There is a real problem with parked cars. The school is located on a village road with houses on both sides. Once past the school the lane narrows with poor visibility and there are no footpaths.”

“Emmott Lane is a 30 m.p.h. area but cars more often travel much too quickly and it is used by large vehicles and as a ‘rat run’ by people going to work.”

“80% of children live at least two miles away from school.”

“There is a public bus service to the village, though this is only once per hour and unsuitable for school times.”

“12% of pupils walk to school.”

“88% pf pupils travel to school by car.”

The school looks to be hoist by its own petard to me! Good luck to the residents opposed to the development.


Kingsley Road,

Laneshaw Bridge