LETTER: Laneshaw Bridge travel figures out of date

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Les Mort, talking about Laneshaw Bridge School being “hoisted by its own petard” in his letter last week, needs to be aware that it is he who is now being “hoisted”.

The 2006 figures from the school’s travel plan he quoted are entirely out of date. During the past five years, the school has grown steadily in popularity meaning more and more families have moved nearer to school to meet the distance criteria for admission.

The 80% of children who lived at least two miles away from the school has almost been reversed with nearly 70% of children now living within two miles.

Perhaps Mr Mort should realise also the traffic difficulties mentioned in that travel plan still exist and have become even more acute. This is a very strong argument for the new school with its off-road parking for staff and drop-off zone for parents.

Many thanks for the letter that has given me the chance to put the record straight and has given the “Support” campaign a good boost. I understand Mr Mort’s children attended the school and have progressed through to university. No doubt Laneshaw Bridge School played some part in their success! As a previous chairman of governors of the school, I am surprised and saddened he should be objecting to this wonderful opportunity for present and future generations.


Bents, Colne