LETTER: Lib-Dems refuse to back our young people

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The Liberal Democrats are up to their usual tricks: saying one thing and doing another.

Gordon Birtwistle, our Lib-Dem MP, put on record his opposition to Lancashire County Council’s plans to cut youth services by £8.9m. so when Burnley’s Labour councillors proposed a motion, which asked the county council to think again, we expected to have the full support of the Lib-Dem councillors. But, oh no, they refused on mass to support the motion. It is disgraceful that Burnley’s Lib-Dem councillors refuse to back the young people of Burnley. Not only will these proposals lead to a reduction is services and support for Burnley’s young people they will undoubtedly lead to a rise in anti-social behaviour in the form of youth nuisance on the streets.

I suppose we should not be surprised as these are the same councillors who in February cut children’s play leaders in Burnley.

So far this Government does not have a very good record when it comes to children and young people: since May 2010 we have seen university tuition fees treble, Educational Maintenance Allowance scrapped, school and university budgets cut and Sure Start centres under threat and so it goes on. So much for protecting front line services!