LETTER: Lib Dems’ silence shows they support Conservative cuts

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DEREK Mann (Letters, February 11th) avoids the point. The mantra of a “profligate Labour administration” which tries to airbrush out of history the global banking crisis Labour had to deal with will not reduce the need for the Lib Dems locally to protest about what is being done to Pendle by this Government.

Last week gave them the perfect opportunity. Why did Pendle’s Lib Dem leader John David not put his name to the letter from over 90 Lib Dem council and group leaders stating publicly that local government is being let down by Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles? 

We can only presume from this silence the Lib Dems in Pendle support the Conservatives in their policies which are threatening to destroy jobs and services and hit the most vulnerable in our society the hardest.


Burnley Road, Colne