LETTER: Local issues should decide Lancashire County Council vote

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It is common and understandable that, at all elections, a large number of voters choose to consider national politics and their opinion of the Government of the day as their main consideration.

On May 2nd, we have the opportunity to endorse or reject the current Conservative-led Lancashire County Council.

As an independent, I have mixed feelings about the national political scene but with LCC I have a very firm preference.

Given the extraordinary managerial success of the present leadership and its value for money philosophy, I am keen to see them have a second term in power.

This administration has saved us all money and congratulations are due to them in these financially troubled times.

Furthermore, the local candidate for the Conservatives in West Craven, Keith Bailey, has demonstrated in his first period in office a commitment to West Craven that is exceptional and admirable.

Working behind the scenes and not for personal glory, Coun. Bailey has achieved more than any other recent county councillor for this western forgotten fringe of Lancashire.

He is an honourable and decent family man who brings credit to us all as our ambassador in Preston.

At a national level, party politics are crucial but at a local level it is best they are obfuscated.

For the regional/county level it is a combination of the two.

I urge all registered voters to acquaint themselves of the facts and manifestos of all the candidates and then vote on local/regional issues.

Keith Bailey has my vote and I hope he will be re-elected notwithstanding feelings and politics nationwide.

Edward Johnson

Aspen Lane, Earby